SWO Success: Charlie Weber, St. Norbert’s College & UW-Milwaukee

Title: Cloud Solutions StrategistCharlie Blog Headshot

Where did you go to college?  St. Norbert College for undergrad, UW Milwaukee for Masters

How long have you been with SWO? 6 years

What has been your career progression thus far? I started as an Inside Sales Executive handling Texas and Louisiana customers, then added responsibilities as an Adobe Product specialist for the US, progressed to be an Adobe Solutions Specialist for North American and Caribbean, then took a role as the Global Lead of Adobe Solutions.  Currently I work with our Technical Services Department as a Cloud Solutions Strategist focusing on our sales enablement strategy.

Favorite part about working at SWO?  That’s a hard question, I have a number of favorites here.  First, our culture – we are a family of independent, professional, smart individuals that know how to work extremely hard and know how to have fun.  Not a day goes by that I don’t have fun at my job.  Secondly, our culture of ONE-ness means we all work together to achieve our goals.  You are never on an island by yourself, and everyone’s door is wide open to help others succeed.  Third, our creativity is valued here.  Management, all the way to our CEO, values your input and respects your opinion.  We build out success together and as a group effort.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced at SWO?  There are times throughout the year (Microsoft fiscal quarter ends) where you are working very hard.  Multiple opportunities coming at you from all sides.  The challenge is to be able to manage your time effectively while still offering world class solutions. 

What activities do you enjoy in your spare time?  I like fishing, boating, cooking, baseball and spending time with my son. 

Favorite SWO Pun?  SWOmies!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Here at SWO – no doubt.

Advice to people interested in a SWO Career:  This isn’t a job choice, this is a career choice.  The technology industry is booming and this organization is on the cutting edge of providing technology solutions worldwide.  The ancillary benefits of the company (culture, benefits) are fantastic so the working environment is conducive for excelling, both individually and as a team.  Our business growth is explosive as well, so you always have the opportunity to progress within the company – also this progression is based on your passions, not based on “check boxes” of how to get promoted.  We promote from effort and passion!

Are you ready to make your career choice? Then visit SWO Careers!


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