SWO Success: Lindsay Cicenas, UW-Milwaukee Alum

Where did you go to college? The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

How long have you been with SWO? Almost 8 years

What has been your career progression thus far? For my first two years, I was an Inside Sales Executive supporting the Pacific Northwest and Desert Mountain territories.  I was then promoted to a Tertiary Business Development Lindsay CicenasManager for the Pacific Northwest, which I assumed for another two years.  When an opportunity arose to be a full fledge Business Development Manager for Wisconsin, where I lived, I applied for the position and got it.  As for the last four years, I have been one of the six BDM’s for Wisconsin market and absolutely love this role.

Favorite part about working at SWO: There are so many, but I would say the best are the internal culture, and the ever changing industry we are in; we are always learning and I love the fact that I never have to worry about getting bored with my career.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced at SWO: Keeping a clean and organized pipeline.

What is a typical day like for you? Typical in-office day would include answering emails, phone calls, following previous engagements or opportunities, pipeline and forecast management, scheduling new meetings with prospects and current customers, and working directly with my inside sales team to make sure our accounts are being serviced.

Typical out of office day would include meeting face to face with my clients and partners, all the while keeping tabs on my emails and making sure when I’m on the road my inside team is assisting with the requests.  Once I get home, I will then usually answer any emails that weren’t taken care of and follow up on my in person meetings.

What activities do you enjoy in your spare time? I love to participate in any outdoor activities; especially in the summer.  I also enjoy wine, spending time with family and friends; as well as traveling when I get the chance.

Favorite SWO Pun? SWOmies

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: I would like to see myself in a similar role I am currently in, but maybe focused on a specific solution vertical or industry.

Advice to people interested in a SWO Career: This isn’t a career that you learn once and become an expert; you are constantly having to keep up with the changes in the IT industry which can be extremely fascinating, but challenging.  You also have to be okay with asking for help and working in a team.


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