About SoftwareONE U

SoftwareONE U is a place for universities to read about their alumni success stories and for college students & recent grads to get a better grasp of what SoftwareONE is all about.

Things to know:

  • Acronyms — We love acronyms at SoftwareONE. So learn this one: SWO.
    SWO = SoftwareONE … Got it? Good.
  • Core Values — While we love a great background, what we really care about is you and our core values having a lot in common.
  • Events — SoftwareONE will be making appearances at universities in Fall 2015. Check back on the site frequently to stay up to date on where we are!
  • If you love what you see here and feel ready to be apart of something bigger than yourself, click here and get going!

SoftwareONE U’s administrator is Inside Sales & Campus Recruiter, Emily Mullen. Follow Emily on Twitter to find out where the campus recruiting team will be next!

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